About us

The TopOpt group is world leading within development and applications of density based topology optimization methods. Theoretical and numerical developments include formulations that are robust to manufacturing variations, non-linear modelling, code parallelization, iterative solvers and advanced boundary parameterizations. Applications include multiscale problems, finite deformations, non-linear materials, fluid-structure interaction, thermofluidics and electromagnetic challenges in the microwave and nano-photonics regimes.

A large effort has been put into the popularization of topology optimization methods in the form of Apps running on smart phones and other platforms like: TopOpt App, TopOpt3D App, TopOpt Game and FFEM App (Finger Finite Elements) – all freely downloadable at Appstore or Google Play. The group has developed highly scalable codes for nano-photonics (Phazor program used as modelling and optimization tool at DTU Photonics, DFEM and a PETSc-based code for structural and multiphysics optimization).

Use of topology optimization concepts developed by the TopOpt group for product design ensures: increased product quality; decreased mass and thereby reduced fuel consumption; increased product life; innovative industrial and architectural design solutions; and many other advantages to the benefit of society.