TopOpt Game - be the optimizer

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The newest member of the TopOpt groups app family is the TopOpt Game. This app allows you to test and train your intuition for 2D stiffness optimal design by solving topopt problem with finger drawing (or mouse).

The game (currently) consists of 20+ pre-defined levels with increasing difficulty. Each level is a design problem in which the loads, supports and the material volume fraction are given. Your task is to draw the optimized design, guided only by a (real-time) visualization of the strain energy densities. Furthermore, you only have a limited amount of time for completing the design task. In the end your design is compared to a computer optimization result and you are given zero to three stars.

Besides the pre-defined levels, the game contains a level editor, which makes it simple and fast to create new challenges for friends (or students). It is also possible, and highly recommended, that you submit these challenges to make them available to all TopOpt Game users.

Current features of the TopOpt Game:

  • Drawing interface for solving 2D minimum compliance problems by hand
  • 20+ pre-designed levels with increasing difficulty 
  • Star based rating system to show how.
  • Level editor - create your own levels and challenge your friends/students

The screenshots seen below illustrates the mechanics of the TopOptGame.

    Figure 1: First you are presented the design problem in terms of loads, supports and volume fraction. The second and third image demonstrates the process of acheiving the optimal design, and shows how the element strain energies, which illustrates the internal forces, can be used to help improve the design. Finally you are ranked based on your performance compared to a computers topology optimized result.


    Download the app: The TopOpt Game is available for the following platforms: