3D interactive TopOpt app for handheld devices and web

Available for various platforms:

iOS: AppStore link 

Windows (requires VC++R2012 and VC++R2013)


MATLAB® codes for minimum compliance problems

Simple 99-line Matlab code and
Optimized 88-line Matlab code and
New 99-line optimized Matlab code

Python code for minimum compliance problems:

A 200 line Python code

  2D interactive TopOpt app for handheld devices and web

Available for various platforms:

iOS: Direct AppStore link

Android: download

Linux: download & Mac OSX

Windows (requires VC++R2012 and VC++R2013)

Level set topology optimization using density methods with controllable length scales

Free MATLAB® code for the minimum compliance problem. Read more and download the code from here.


TopOptShape App

Seamless combination of interactive topology and shape optimization.

Only available for iOS.

 Topology optimization

Large scale TopOpt based on PETSc.

Fully parallel framework for very large scale topology optimization. The code is written in C/C++ and allows for general optimization on structured grids.


SimKraft & FFEM (Finger-FEM) applications

Two apps allowing for finger based finite elements.

Available for iOS and Android devices

 The TopOpt Game  

Available for various platforms:

Windows: download (requires the newest 64-bit versions of the VC++R2012 and VC++R2013)

Mac: download


Matlab & COMSOL codes for photonics and topology optimization 

Free MATLAB® and COMSOL codes for TopOpt-based inverse design in photonics.

   TopOpt for Grasshopper

Available for various platforms:

Link to Grasshopper project page:

For more on the TopOpt for Grasshopper here at - click here.



Free Matlab code for buckling based topology optimization code.


De-homogenization using Stream Surfaces

Free C++ program to perform de-homogenization using stream surface extraction.